The Slat collection is delicate, natural, like the Mediterranean.

The typical shutters of the island of Mallorca, so widely used in traditional Mediterranean culture, inspire the design of the collection. They constitute a very attractive functional and decorative element due to their simplicity and aesthetics, which reflect the elegance and artisanal tradition of the Mediterranean style.

The starting point for the creation of Slat has been this aspect of a traditional product, with roots.

In Naxani we work wood with precision and delicacy, to obtain a refined product with character, which exalts the nobility of the material and the artisan hands who work it. The linearity of its fronts embellishes the rooms by giving them three-dimensionality. The details of its junction points and the finesse of its structure give it lightness.

In order to adapt to the needs of each project, vanities are also offered to custom dimensions, with options in a modular system, complements and wall cabinets.

Material: Natural solid wood with colorless varnish.

Ash, Iroko, Oak, Maple and Walnut.

Standard dimensions: from 80 to 240 cm


Pull opening system 

Vanities: 1 drawer, 2 drawers or 2 drawers and 1 door