Banaavat is a striking and unique collection. Its name means texture in Hindi and is commonly applied to describe a sophisticated and distinguished appearance.

The Banaavat collection seeks the expressive power of material, it is an exaltation of the tactile properties of materials, developed by Naxani in collaboration with other local industries.

Its roughness and texture are very significant, even more than the visual properties. The material is very powerful in this product. However, the slightly angled stripes on their front allow the materials to reflect light in a chaotic and attractive way. This gives it a very pleasant visual appearance.

Banaavat is an industrial but unique product. Worked by hand, with half-industrial, half-artisan processes that make it so different.

In order to adapt to the needs of each project, vanities are also offered to custom dimensions, with options in a modular system, complements and wall cabinets.

Material: Waterproof MDF covered with a material composed of different grains.

Standard dimensions: from 60 to 190 cm


Pull opening system 

Vanities: 1 drawer, 2 drawers or 2 drawers and 1 door