Fascinated by Japanese culture and aesthetics, we wanted to add a collection influenced by the country of Japan.

The first thing we wanted was to imbibe their “savoir faire” in wood handling and add it to our experience.

The first thing we decided to make our own was their ancient technique of burning wood to protect, above all, the facades of their houses in coastal areas, which they have used for more than 4 centuries. The appearance was unbeatable, and the technique did not require chemical dyes.

This is how Shosuba was born, inspired by the technique called “Shou – Sugi – Ban” which literally translates as “burnt cedar board”. We decided to use Ash, because we found that after carbonizing it, in addition to obtaining a very intense carbon black, the grain was marked in a fascinating way. The result is a beautiful and hypnotic appearance.

To highlight the material we decided to do without the superfluous and the result was a straight, simple and harmonious surface.

In support of this main piece we expanded the series with a simple container, with all its joints mitered to make it as delicate as possible, and within its finishes we suggest textured ones, which balance very well with the appearance of the countertop.

As an alternative to the more conservative ones, and in harmony with the natural and simple environments of Japanese spaces, we expand the series with the option of a countertop in natural Ash, but to which we mark the grain. The result is a vibrant and harmonious product.

Material: Satin, textured and matte.


Minimum size 700 cm.

Maximum size: 1500cm

Depth: 500 cm

Height 302/352cm


Pull opening system.

Modules 1 drawer.

2 door modules.